10 interesting things about Senegal

Not only the team beat Poland, Senegal also surprised visitors from the tail taxi to the lake giant pink.

Pink Lake: The light pink of Lac Rose Lake is a natural phenomenon due to the unusually high salt content in water, attracting a harmless bacterium. These little creatures produce red pigment to absorb the sun.

Taxis have the tail: Senegalese drivers believe that the goat tail will bring them luck when they are attached behind the car. Gavin Haines, a Telegraph reporter, said many of them, in fact, need a lot of luck with their skilful driving.

Shell Island: As one of the countries with the most recycling projects in the world, Senegalese people have created a peach called Fadiouth, made from millions of shellfish, shells … with about 8,000 people live.

SINGAPORE: Senegal is one of eleven African nations involved in the Great Green Wall project – the green version of the Great Wall of China. This tree helps African people protect themselves from desertification when they are affected by the Sahara, helping to improve the agricultural sector, boosting the economy.

Sea lambs: Once set in the movie The Endless Summer, Senegal is one of the most beautiful beaches for surfing. Even the sheep are surfing – but only on a weekly basis, according to the New York Times. If you come to the capital Dakar on Sunday, you will see farmers leading sheep to the coast to perform ritual cleansing. They will be bathed cleanly, nail polish and swimming delighted with the waves before returning to ordinary pasture.

Senegal’s dark past has been the center of the slave trade. Today, visitors can explore the history of this dark period on the House of Slaves on Goree, just off the coast. the capital of Dakar. “It was a place where things could not happen.” Door of No Return was particularly difficult to visit, facing the sea, where tens of thousands of slaves were brought up. The ships leave Africa without a date, “recalls Gavin. Senegal is one of the safest countries in Africa, although its neighbors Mali and Mauritania are always destinations where the foreign ministry warns citizens to be cautious when traveling.

Special capital: Dakar is the westernmost point on the mainland of Africa, which means that the capital is the last of continents to welcome sunrise and sunset. Photo: Skillzography.

Africa’s tallest statue At an altitude of 49 meters between Dakar, the African Renaissance is the tallest statue in the continent. Although this is the design of a Senegalese architect, the bronze statue was constructed by a Korean construction company, according to the Telegraph.

World Heritage Senegal owns seven world heritage sites, including Goree Island, the Saloum Delta, Bassari Country, Saint-Louis Island, Stone Circles of Senegambia, Djoudj Bird Sanctuary and Gardens. National Niokolo-Koba (photo).

Niokolo-Koba National Park is also the best place to visit Senegal’s lions – the national symbol. In fact, the Senegal lion almost completely disappeared from this West African country, many conservation efforts are being undertaken to increase the number.

West African women’s Sabar dance is the traditional dance of Senegalese women with sexy movements and good physical fitness. Footsteps, swinging hands to beat the drum rhythm so viewers can not take their eyes off.

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