5 factors to help Morocco retain visitors

Morocco, the land of the stories “Arabs 1 night” or “Desert and labyrinth of dreams”. A place full of adventure that a tourist can not miss in November.

At that time, the heat in the deserts and sandy beaches of Morocco was reduced to just 32 degrees Celsius, which is the perfect time to sunbathe and explore the desert.

The houses featured the beautiful Riad and Medina

The rituals can be found in a tiny narrow alley that consists of small, compact houses. But when the door opens, it will be a completely opposite space – beautiful, beautiful and bluish. Each riad has an open space in the middle of the house is paved with colorful flowers with fountains, trees, … even have the terrace to sit in the afternoon tea sunset.

“Medina” is the word to call the surrounding walled market, winding like a labyrinth here. Even Google Maps and GPS have to offer turnovers here. Each region in Morocco has a unique Medina. For example: Medina in Chefchaouen is an eye-catching green maze, Medina in Marrakech is a gastronomic paradise that anyone want to set foot in.

Thousands of mysterious markets in Marrakech

The market square in Jemaa el-Fnaa Square in Marrakech has always kept mysterious new attractions to attract millions of visitors. Every night there is a drum sound, the sound of the song, the singing and dancing of many unknown troupes, dancers, circus performers, snake hypnotists, storytellers … The lively sound that mesmerizes only This square, vibrant setting and distinctive street food will make visitors feel like they are in fairy tales.

Sandy beach and starry sky in the Sahara

Sahara – the largest desert in the world, with dense sand dunes extending from the Atlantic Ocean east to the Red Sea coast, passing through 10 countries. The Sahara currently has only 2 million inhabitants, most of them nomadic, with typical Tuareg tribes with prominent blue outfits.

At this point, visitors will be distracted by the beauty of the sand hill and beautiful sky blue. The most fanciful is when at night, thousands of stars appear. Sitting on the moonlit sand dunes, eating traditional dishes such as Tagine, listening to stories and playing traditional drums will be an unforgettable experience. It is also considered one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in the world, especially as the sandy hills gradually change color in the sun.

The magnificent view of the Atlas Mountains is the highest in North Africa

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco range from the southwest to the northeast and are divided into three impressive sections, including the High Atlas with soaring mountains and colorful valley of roses; Middle Atlas with Fez and Anti Atlas with many volcanic plateaus. Visitors come here to explore the endangered flora and fauna, admire the verdant valleys and experience the nomadic life of the Berber-friendly and hospitable.

Mixed Moroccan Mint tea

This is a traditional Moroccan tea made from green tea, fresh mint leaves and sugar. If you come to Chefchaouen, guests are usually followed by three types of tea with their own taste and meaning. The first is as gentle as life, the second is as passionate as love and the third is bitter as death. If you refuse one of these three teas, you will be considered rude and rude. The fragrance and sweetness of Touareg specialties will make you remember forever Moroccan serenity but full of or.

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