6 dishes can not be ignored when the “garden of the east” of Myanmar

6 dishes can not be ignored when the “garden of the east” of Myanmar

Yangon is one of the most attractive destinations when traveling in Asia. However, do you have a list of dishes to eat when arriving in the city?
Named after the “garden of the East” of Myanmar thanks to the harmonious beauty of the tropical bushes with parks, lakes and green architecture mixed traditional. In every corner of Yangon, bustling restaurants, busy people, or street vendors, street vendors … have become a feature of this city.
If this summer that travel to Yangon, you remember to enjoy 6 famous street food in this city offline!

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Salad Samosa

This salad is a combination of crispy crispy fried chicken, fried onions, cabbage and potatoes. This is a familiar dish that appears in many places on the street and you can catch it anywhere in the city.


Sanwich Dosa

This sandwich is native to India, often sold at street corners in Yangon. The cake is made from lentil and rice. First, spread the flour on the surface of the pan, then thinly to make the cake surface smooth fine. Finally, spread the cabbage, green beans on top and roll them up and cut into small pieces to make it easier to enjoy.


Mont Lin Ma Yar

Couples who travel to Yangon will definitely love this dish as it is meant to be a “snack for couples”. Even small cakes, but still enough to fill your belly. The cake is made from crispy fried rice in a large saucepan, covered with a layer of quail eggs, onion, and a little chicken.

Fish noodles Mohinga

In Myanmar, Mohinga is a very popular dish, a feature of this dish is the spicy salted fish, seasoned with sesame seeds, lemongrass and pepper. The long noodles in the squeezed be merged with fried fish meat through chicken powder, which makes the noodles bowl more and more assimilated.


Salad leaves tea

A typical Burmese dish is made from lephet – fermented tea leaves. Surprisingly, these tea leaves will be used to make tea leaves, often used for snacks, appetizers or sips along with rice.
Although the taste of tea is slightly bitter, but thanks to the added fiber, tomatoes sliced, beans with garlic, chili, garlic and mixed oil makes this salad more different.

Even so, it is Burmese who also warns tourists not to eat too much because it is considered a stimulant, eating too much can cause frequent sleeplessness.

Shan Noodle

Shan people are a group of people living in northern Myanmar, so Shan noodles are not only a popular dish of people in this region but also attract many customers want to try once.
This noodle dish is a great combination of thin noodles with chicken, pork marinated with garlic and spicy pepper sauce, served with sour vegetables and sour broth.

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