6 inventor cloned sheep Dolly Weather

May 7/1996, the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland has produced Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned video game reviews. Twenty years on, science has made brilliant achievements, such as the following typical invention cloned sheep Dolly.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), malaria is a global disease, but recent illnesses caused by mosquitoes is on the increase, including dengue, Zika virus, cloned sheep Dolly…

6 inventor cloned sheep Dolly Weather

6 inventor cloned sheep Dolly Weather

Particularly in 2013, malaria has increased by over 198 million ca. Although there have been a number of vaccines, but watch out diseases from mosquitoes is not reduced interesting science facts. And yet, the parasites that cause malaria quickly drug resistance, should have made the disease more severe days.

To help minimize the human malaria, the University of California US (approximately) recently tested, producing transgenic Anopheles mosquitoes, preventing them from being infected with malaria parasites can not infect people. By adding an antibody gene segments in the DNA of the mosquito Anopheles, or “edit” a technology CRISPR sequences, so mosquitoes can produce antibodies against Plasmodium, should be eliminated sick cloned sheep Dolly.

In addition, this gene segment also makes red fluorescent mosquitoes, especially the eyes, helps distinguish transgenic mosquitoes with mosquito. Mutant gene aforementioned ratio amounted to 99.5% genetic, and so on, the future penguins facts for kids, all the descendants of mosquitoes will no longer be a threat to humans as well. This is really a big breakthrough in the fight against malaria, as well as an incurable disease caused by mosquitoes.

Craig Venter, the process is quite simple, through the mechanisms established genetic code of Mycoplasma genitalium (the world’s smallest bacteria) and then save to your computer. These data sets continue to be used to “re-produce artificial DNA in the laboratory.”

To distinguish the original DNA aforementioned DNA, the group has conducted subject modify DNA by a watermark (data hiding techniques). Finally, remove all the original DNA, then replaced with artificial copied code. The result, created an artificial cells capable of regeneration cloned sheep Dolly.

According to news site Listverse, after enduring 15 years of research, Dr, Craig Venter billionaire, a pioneer in the field of genetics has touched dream, create artificial life some amazing facts. His invention controversy shortly after being published in the journal Science in 2010. The article describes in detail the Craig Venter and his colleagues successfully developed “a synthetic life form entirely new mixtures of chemicals”.

This discovery has great significance in the process of reproducing or copying to create life. Craig Venter hopes, with the results of the study will pave the way for the development of complex synthetic organisms, capable of soaking up pollution, turning waste into fuel, and the application of immunization against diseases turn off.

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