7 dishes worth a try when visiting Wales wonderfully

7 dishes worth a try when visiting Wales wonderfully

Not too fancy but these are all very popular dishes in Wales romantic.
Wales is peaceful and peaceful with its coastline of over 1400 km, or majestic peaks and ancient villages. In Wales, you will discover many interesting things here, especially those that are not too strangely delicious, but are a feature that attracts more visitors to Wales. .

Let’s explore the simple yet no less delicious dishes of Wales right now!

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Welsh Cakes

This is a kind of sweetened cakes from cinnamon and raisins. At first glance it looks very similar to the familiar cake used with tea, resembles the biscuits.

However, this pastry is often used for breakfast or snacks in the afternoons of the Welsh people. However, to find the best cakes, you have to go to the Fabulous Welshcakes in Cardiff Bay.

Welsh Cheese

Wales has plenty of cattle hills and large shepherds, so there is no shortage of delicious cheeses. Welsh people can enjoy scones of bold cheese, fatty goat’s cheese, or dairy cheese in their own farms. In Wales, there is also a special green cheese called Perl Las.


Freshly caught shellfish on the shores of Wales is one of the great specialties of this place. At restaurants in Wales, scallops are always on offer in every menu. Plates of grilled oyster sauce covered with a few slices of crispy bread are the favorite dish in any restaurant.



This is a type of algae commonly found in the waters around Wales. Although slightly salty taste but very easy to eat, not too concentrated characteristic as other Asian algae. This dish is often served with bread, sausage, bacon to form a complete meal.

Welsh Rarebit

In addition to fresh cheese, in Wales also has cheese sandwiches highlighted with slices of grilled cheese topped with cheese. A complete meal will include a toasted cheddar cheese toast with dipping sauce and herbs. Sometimes, instead of cheese, this dish will be changed to bacon on bread to satisfy the taste of many people.



Wales is also known as the haven of cool ice cream. There are small ice cream parlors in every corner of town or village. Especially, in Wales, ice cream ice cream (Iced Gems) will definitely make you happy.

Bara Brith

If Welsh Cake is a thick cake made from cinnamon and raisins, Bara Brith is characterized by the fruit of the fruit and a bit spicy. This dish is often served with tea in romantic Wales. Many people also commented that the cake is very similar to gingerbread or grape cake and especially attractive as the fruit cake is soaked in many places in the world.

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