Aircraft black box is what?

Black Box is an automatic recorder that the aircraft must be flying. It allows to detect the cause in case of an accident.

Black box – in essence not to talk about the color of the box. This device essentially orange, this color is used for the rescue team can find it easy.

It actually refers to two small devices, such as the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR), continuous operation and use of the engine power from the host. In addition, reviews we also have available power supply side to ensure sustained signaling activity when separated from the aircraft.

Aircraft black box is what?

Aircraft black box is what?

The black box records the activities of all aircraft taking off from the start. It provides guidance on the move in terms of speed, the altitude of the plane… Each information show up as lines holes in thin metal strip interesting science facts. This recording device is placed firmly in a box to against bumps, very tight and did not ignite.

In case of accident it is still kept intact. Also black box is also equipped with a navigation system that allows its locate even when underwater. Recording devices in the cockpit of the pilot and the black box to help determine the cause of accidents, even though flights there were no survivors, and help increase the safety of the aircraft.

When the plane crashed into the sea and rivers, the device will send out alarm sound waves. Usually black box that can withstand temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes continuously and immersion depths up to 6.100m in 30 days.

Each signaling device is capable of detecting the ultrasonic waves per second once and continuously in this period. This is the time of the search team black box to take advantage of in order to identify them, some amazing facts before complete loss of the ability to search.

After a plane crash, it is the biggest concern, even no less than the rescue of the victims or deal with the consequences. Simply by accident nonetheless occur, but if you find the black box, we can find the cause and remedy the shortcomings and points to prevent the accidents that may occur later… The possibility of a black box actually promoted only after the plane crashed. And if everything goes stable, perhaps they do not need to know what is the black box.

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