Arrive in ancient Graz that is elegant

The elegant city of Graz has long been regarded as the embodiment of the vibrant Renaissance architecture in Europe. In this ancient city we find the harmony between the architectural style, the art flow inherited from the Middle Ages and the influence of cultural diversity from the surrounding.

Together with Vienna, Graz, with its ancient and beautiful Austrian artworks, is a popular destination. Each of the buildings, buildings here also carry cultural values, representing for each different historical period. For those who are passionate about architectural art, the ancient culture of Graz is a land of promise convergence of very personal charm. In 2003 Graz was voted Europe’s Capital of Culture and in 2009 it was honored as the City of Design.

The old town of Alstadt von Graz

The first impression of visitors arriving in the old town of Alstadt von Graz is that the medieval buildings in the Renaissance style are well preserved. The main Hauptplatz square and the City Hall of Rathaus have created a magnificent setting.

Especially if tourists come here on holidays – like Christmas – will find the festive atmosphere covering all over, from the shops to the sparkling lights to attract people down the street. On weekdays, you can take a walk on the street of Herrengasse, wading through the alleyways to look at each window decorated with different colors. It seems that every breeze blowing through this place brings with it a melodious sound, so it can be said that Alstadt von Graz is considered the heart of Graz.

Eggenberg Palace

Both the Eggenberg Palace and the city of Graz are recognized as world cultural heritages. The magnificent palazzo with its characteristic Baroque architecture is located on the western edge of the city of Graz.

Eggenberg is designed with extremely detailed calculations, exactly in each architectural number, every detail is related to the time based on the calendar. For example there are all 365 windows, 31 rooms in each floor, 24 state rooms with 52 doors and four corner towers, representing the time of seasons, weeks, hours, hours and minutes. Visitors can take a stroll through the gardens of the palace, surrounded by green lawns and gardens.


Besides the Schlossberg, this place is also known as the Castle of the Mountain, which is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Graz. Although the big works have been almost razed, the place still lavishes ancient architecture. From above, look down at the red brick courtyard in the middle of a sloping, glistening golden sunset.

The clock tower dates back to the 13th century and is considered to be the mark of this beautiful city. The most popular way to get here is to sip a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the roof terrace of the restaurant, while watching the sunset fall on Schlossberg’s orange roof tile.

Foundry weapons

We are about to be reborn in Austrian history at this foundry, with pieces of armor and various weapons stored and preserved almost intact. Legend has it that this arsenal is always ready to serve weapons, whenever the territory has military problems. Although these weapons are no longer used as artifacts, they can still make anyone who comes here have a keen sense of meticulousness.

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