Come to Vietnam to visit Sun World – play funny forget about the way

Come to Vietnam to visit Sun World – play funny forget about the way

Thousands of interesting, new and tempting things in the entertainment complex Sun World are rolling foot tourists in the world “fun do not want to return”.

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Sun World Ba Na Hills – Europe

Once in Da Nang, you can not go to Ba Na Hills. Because of this, this scene has so many interesting things to attract tourists, young and old love.

The French village with fairy-tale castles like in Europe, the paved stone streets, the arched windows and the balcony full of sunflowers … will certainly spend a lot of time for you to walk freely. Steps, capture for passion.

To allocate funds reasonable time, Ba Na also many other interesting things to explore.

As the Golden Bridge is causing the social network crazy from early this summer for example. Just go there, walking on the clouds, admire the whole sky clouds, mountains, forests … so enough to see the label.

But in Ba Na Hills, the new festival is “specialties”, every season there is a happy party jubilantly.

Throughout the summer of 2018, the B’estival beer festival with millions of liters of freshly brewed beer and authentic Oktoberfest bakes is adding fire to the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, the “Banquet of the King of the Sun” is held in a completely new style, impressive and impressive with the participation of hundreds of foreign actors, in the garbled wardrobe. Come to Ba Na Hills, not happy.

Sun World Danang Wonders – the world of joy

Hundreds of indoor games, more than 20 outdoor games in the top games in the region such as the highest freewheeling tower in Vietnam – Golden Sky Tower, Queen Cobra hang gliders … entering the Sun World Danang Wonders into the world of million joys.

Green space with tree shade, food festival, lantern festival with thousands of fun colorful lantern models, even to Sun World Danang Wonders is to see his childhood in it. Why, adults, children like to roam in this place.

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