There is a corner Thailand has become a vibrant virtual colors in the new year

There is a corner Thailand has become a vibrant virtual colors in the new year

In Thailand this season, your camera can only run out of battery, out of storage space due to too many beautiful scenes, too many activities you will want to record. Going to record and remember, paint brilliantly on the youthful paintings with authentic and lively experiences when it comes to the land of paradise of scenic, varied cultures and festivals. Hey! At the end of the new year and the beginning of the new year in Thailand, when the rain has ended, clear sky, cool air, it is very convenient for you to enjoy the scenery and explore many exciting activities year new. The colors of Thai, so also appear extremely brilliant and lively.

Yellow color of ancient works It is not by chance that people call Thailand a golden temple. Thai temples feature gold-plated paintings, gold-plated castles. The yellow of Thai land is bright, noble, noble and authoritative. At the beginning of the year, to go to the pagoda, vibrate the small bells, the health of peace, the coast, the education … is a very interesting and important activities for many people. The royal palace of Thailand has a distinctive golden color, with magnificent and royal architecture, representing the royal authority of Thailand.

Có một Thái Lan góc nào cũng trở thành nơi sống ảo rực sắc màu trong năm mới - Ảnh 2.

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya line, covered with colorful Chinese porcelain. At night, when the lights are lit, the pagoda is beautifully lit up a river. Not only the sacred sites throughout Thailand, the ancient buildings also put on a beautiful yellow color. Hua Hin Railway Station is also one of the most impressive destinations with its bright wooden buildings, the red pillars that take you to the trains and enjoy the glory of the past. Dubbed “Little Italy,” Primo Piazza is just 3 hours away from Bangkok, in Khao Yai, a city famous for its dreamy charm. Coming to Primo Piazza you will feel like you are in Italy with beautiful little houses, walls with golden brown tones, some small benches to sit and paved streets with classic and romantic style. . The golden color is attractive from the characteristic dishes of Thailand that everyone was pampered before the delicious special sour taste stamped with spicy sour taste of Thai cuisine.

Blue jade of the sea and sky The end of the year is very convenient for excursions to the waters of Thailand. From Bangkok, go down south, where there are thousands of islands like Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi … come out with a beautiful blue water color, with the sky so high that you are as ecstatic Street. Immerse yourself in the impressive blue of Koh Phi Phi, which still retains its unspoiled beauty. Koh Chang, the third largest island in Thailand, has the beauty of a land of mountains, rainforests, waterfalls and deep blue sea. Check-in on Koh Phangan Island, famous for its crystal clear beaches and lush rainforest. Experience the thrill of sea games, like flying in the air, or watching coral reefs beneath the seafloor and capturing beautiful, unobtrusive photographs on a blue background. Flamboyant colors during the festive season If you are satisfied with the natural scenery and cultural sites, enjoy the festivities, which are held throughout the Thai territory at the beginning of the year. The air is bursting with joyful music, chess flowers float … will make the color vibrant, vibrant. MahaNakhon Building, with the height of 314m, is the tallest building in Thailand with a very novel design concept – the façade of the Lego Tower is missing several bricks. MahaNakhon is expected to be the new center of Thailand when it owns a large number of offices, hotels, restaurants, bustling shopping malls and high-grade new destinations can hardly be missed in Bangkok.

At the time of passing, do not skip the Cowndown Party, which takes place in the center with brilliant fireworks. Songkran Water Festival is held in mid-April with sparkling water, traditional costumes, elephants are unfamiliar, parades with crown flags will make you unable to take your eyes off. . See more:

The colorful night markets spread from Bangkok, Hua Hin to Chiang Mai, Phuket with a variety of goods spoiled for the shoppers hunting from the popular to the unique. Shopping for the Tet holiday to spring that prices are extremely affordable. Full Moon Party – a lively music and dance festival held on the full moon night in Koh Pangan. A lot of exciting activities for young people to burn in the night.

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