Detection range of bizarre creatures in the deepest abyss of the Earth

At the deepest abyss of the Earth, scientists have discovered a new series of creatures very peculiar shape. During a visit to explore the Mariana Trench – the deepest abyss of the Earth, reviews the researchers have discovered some species had never been recorded so far discover new organisms.

NOAA ship Okeanos research was floating on the Pacific Ocean from April 2016. Its goal is to discover new creatures in the deepest abyss of the world. They use remote control devices and ultrasonic waves to capture images where humans can not reach it interesting science facts. Then the information is transmitted to the mother ship Okeanos for researchers discover new organisms.

Discover new organisms bizarre creatures in the deepest

Discover new organisms bizarre creatures in the deepest

Researchers have discovered a new time “embarrassment” to guess what species it is. But after learning they realize it is a species of echinoderms of the class Asteroidea. Reportedly based on the basic characteristics can put this is a new species of sea stars, but its look absolutely nothing like a starfish species ever discovered discover new organisms.

Also in the east of the Mariana Trench near the Philippines, deep sea species live at the edge of the crater-shaped infinity horror. Those findings said they had goosebumps when I first saw them some amazing facts. With shape “especially not cute,” This makes anyone nor wanted to caress them close.

Remote control device has swept through a sandy area that where there is a small spiral. Those studies have brushed the sand layer away to reveal a transparent creatures lurking there. Researchers creatures Fryer joked that the shape of this creature is like a “love affair” between an eel and a lizard.

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