Discover the unique bread porridge of Denmark

Discover the unique bread porridge of Denmark

This porridge was popular in the hard working class, however, and later it became one of the most famous Danish dishes in the world.
Denmark is the nation known as the “green” and happiest in the world. Come to this country, you will feel the happiness of having a fresh atmosphere, friendly people and a series of beautiful moments in life can be encountered on each river, each row city.

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And of course we can not ignore the cuisine of this beautiful country. Danish cuisine, though simple, is made with local produce in a simple yet distinctive way. Danish cooking style was formed before the Viking, using a lot of warm spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and black pepper due to the cold climate.


Danes usually eat mostly cod, salmon, and ground meat. Black bread is one of the most important foods, and the country is also famous for its range of brewed beer from industry to craft. And when it comes to combining these two things, the Danes have a unique traditional soup called Øllebrød.

In Danish, Øllebrød (pronounced ooh-le-brooht) means “beer bun”, which is a combination of these two main ingredients. Even in this soup, there is beer, but the beer is low in alcohol, and most alcohol has evaporated during cooking.

There is no known source of Øllebrød, but most Danish people believe that this dish was born in the Middle Ages. At that time, barley cultivation had grown throughout Europe, and barley black bread was the main food of most working classes. The harsh winter caused them to stock up on food, bread from the past. The old bread became very dry and hard to eat, and with no fresh food in the winter, Øllebrød was born under such circumstances.

Øllebrød today is a popular breakfast dish in every household, and is present throughout the cafés in Denmark. To prepare this dish, soak the black bread in beer overnight to cook in the morning. If you can not drink beer, replace with filtered water, but the bread porridge will lose some of the characteristic sourness. After soaking, just add a little honey, sugar, salt, then turn on the stove and stir until the mixture thickens into porridge. Traditional Øllebrød has only a little bit of sour cream on the surface, but today, you can add raisins, nuts, orange peels, fresh fruits, chocolate and porridge with whatever spice you like.


Even today, bread is no longer dry and food is full enough for everyone, Øllebrød is still the favorite dish of the people of Denmark. They describe this dish as “soft, delicious, sweet, barley and slightly sour from yeast,” as well as food associated with childhood memories when seeing the mother cook every day.

As Korean children were introduced to kimchi from childhood, Danish children also ate Øllebrød every morning from an early age. The simple and rustic Øllebrød porridge from today’s hardship has become a symbol of Danish cuisine!

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