Egypt is much better than anything we have imagined in Tam Bui’s latest collection

Egypt is much better than anything we have imagined in Tam Bui’s latest collection

Inspired by the famous book “Alchemist” by Pauho Coelho, Tam Bui photographer has embarked on the journey to explore the desert and find his “treasure”.

Speaking of Egypt, we must think of the great desert, the majestic pyramid, the mysterious pharaohs of childhood, who were infatuated with the well-known comic “Queen of Egypt”. However, Egypt with the young people in Vietnam is still a strange country, not many people have the opportunity to set foot.

Egypt promises to be the destination for fever this year

Earlier this year, Egypt suddenly became a popular destination. After exploring all the familiar countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, young people began to “eye” the strange land of Egypt. Recently, the photo of Tam Bui photographer has made everyone have to tell themselves: go to Egypt!

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Mind Bui was inspired by the famous book “Alchemist”

Sharing about his trip, Tam Bui said: “Egypt is his childhood dream from the fairy tale that especially the pyramids and pharaohs movies.In his imagination, Egyptian mysterious color with many ancient tombs, ancient civilization has always aroused in me a desire to be once in. Recently, I read the novel “House of Kim” very popular Paulo Coelho writes about his journey to Egypt to find the treasure of a young man named Santiago, deeply sympathetic to the young man’s story, and his group of friends have decided to follow Santiago’s footsteps to find ” treasure “for yourself”.


Before leaving, 8X took about four months to prepare for the trip. He consulted on Lonely Planet and his friends living in Egypt. Tam’s trip lasted three weeks along the length of the Nile, costing about 40 million people.

“Dining, living and traveling in Egypt is very cheap, cheaper than Vietnam.” The gas price in Cairo is 5 Egypt Pounds per liter, equivalent to 6500 Vietnamese dong. From that, food prices and living costs are lower. ”


Egypt is more beautiful than the imagination of the 8X photographer

The memory of the most memorable 8X photograph of this trip at the party at the Siwa Oasis, a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula was bombed, killing at least 200 people. At this point, all communications are cut off. Tam Bui’s group had to stay at the hotel and quickly return to Cairo when the situation stabilized.

Although it takes a lot of time to adapt to dry Egyptian weather, hot and accustomed to the food is quite difficult to eat in this country, Center Bui still assert that Egypt is definitely a country worth experiencing and exploring. . “The monuments of Egypt are so beautiful and magnificent that they look outward, I feel completely overwhelmed and convinced of the great civilization of the ancient Egyptians” – the photographer 8X confirmed.

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Desert mystery

A green oasis in the middle of the desert

Pictures are as beautiful as in a movie

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