Enjoy traditional cuisine on the beautiful island of Hawaii

Enjoy traditional cuisine on the beautiful island of Hawaii

Not only famous for its clear blue sea, white sand stretches, Hawaii also has a unique traditional culture with countless delicious dishes worth a try.
Dubbed the Pacific Pearl, Hawaii has always been the paradise of the resort with blue sea, white sand, sunshine and unique culture. There is a unique ecosystem with each row of coconut sucking eyes, pineapple sweet pineapple, and sea fishing struggling, so that Hawaiian cuisine brings bold tropical colors unique.

Let’s take a look at a range of traditional Hawaiian dishes that every traveler must try when visiting this beautiful island.

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Poi’s main ingredient is taro, steamed to soften and then peeled, pesto for pounding. Potatoes will be as fine as bread flour. Then, put all the taro flour into a large bucket and add water and then hand stuffed to a mixture of sweet potato and still plastic.

Poi is fat, slightly sweet and slightly sour should be like no sugar yogurt. Most visitors to Hawaii initially do not like this dish, but after a few times will “addicted” them as native. Traditionally, when enjoying Poi Hawaiian will dip fingers and put them into the mouth, but today to ensure hygiene, spoons are used instead. Poi is considered as the main starch in the diet and is sometimes used as a sauce for other dishes.

Lomi Lomi

Another dish named “cute”, Lomi Lomi is actually a salmon salad with fresh tomatoes. Since it is the island, Hawaii’s main food is sea fish and Lomi Lomi is also popular in the summer due to its coolness. Fresh salads are finely chopped, marinated with salt, mixed with tomatoes, onions, green onions, chili powder and ice, mixed well and you have a delicious orange and orange salad bowl. very natural.


Taro grows a lot on Hawaii and is an important part of life as well as culture and cuisine of the people here. Laulau is meat, be it pork, chicken or beef, small fish is seasoned, wrapped in taro leaves and steamed. Laulau is often eaten with starch like rice or pasta. The process is not unique, but the taro leaves have brought new flavors for this dish.

Kalua pork

Kalua pork is one of the oldest traditional Hawaiian dishes. After a slaughter, all the pigs will be salted and placed in a buried underground (called Ima), surrounded by hot rocks from volcanic lava. Then, they will cover the leaves of banana and a type of indigenous leaves called “Ti”.

It takes 16 – 20 hours to finish the pork. This dish has a very strange taste due to the smell of banana leaves, forest leaves, moist soil and very soft due to slow cooked for a long time. Kalua pork is usually served with rice, noodles.

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