Have you ever tried a macaroni with a unicorn top?

Have you ever tried a macaroni with a unicorn top?

No need to know how good or bad, because only a glimpse of the first look of this macaroni looks pretty and lovely. This is the unbearable cake that people still eat and yummy praise Pumpkin pie attracts a lot of attention from the online community thanks to its extremely special appearance What is so special about Empanadas that is so common in so many Western countries? Macaron is a sweet pastry made from french fries, bread made from egg white, powdered sugar, sand sugar, almond flour and added food coloring. On the inside of the macaron will be often filled with jam, ganache (butter melted chocolate), butter cream … sandwiched between two sides of the cake.

Macaroni with a variety of colors from blue, red, pink, yellow … or beautiful pastel color is always a cake used in many afternoon tea party. However, on the instagram of a pastry shop in the United States has suddenly introduced the image of macaroni with new shapes such as cat face, pikachu face, rabbit face … and most prominent. The macaroni is decorated in the shape of a unicorn. These unicorn macaroni quickly attracted the interest of the internet community and made many people want to come to this bakery to check out the beautiful macaroni cake. The reason why this bakery is making unicorn macaroni is because throughout the year 2016, this bakery has received so many offers from customers for making unicorn cake to serve the Little girl, boy loves fairy tales.

This is a product of Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe in Georgia, the unicorn macaroni was just launched in late 2016 but received a huge order. Also because of the demand for this unicorn macaroni, the bakery decided that each customer would only be able to buy 5 buns in order to secure enough bakery for the day. However, at the moment of posting the first images of this unicorn macaroni, the bakery had to stop accepting orders because of the “overload” of the bakery. See more:

From the bakery, these pretty unicorn macaroni are made from fine almond flour, gluten-free, genetically modified foods that are safe for the health of the buyer. You can see the cute little unicorn with the shape of a sparkling horn and the inside filled with colorful fruit people who just look at me not only eat but to pull the phone out. take pictures of the cake. The Mac Lab bakery was very careful, meticulous in the process of making this macaroni cake. If you do not pay much attention to the production process, how to make the cake can stimulate the whole human senses like that!

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