Best free travel apps for your Apple Watch

Not only smartphones or tablets having great travel apps that help your trip much easier and more convenient, but smart watches can do that too. Here are the 3 of best free travel apps available on Apple Watch that are highly  recommended to use. Citymapper If you’re in one of the supported cities (which include Paris, New York and London), Citymapper is a must. It zeroes in on public transport, and provides precise, clear instructions on getting from place to place. You’re informed about times for upcoming busses, trains or trams, and can access an outline of the stops to expect on your journey. And with watchOS 2, Citymapper’s complications can put your ETA and directions right on your watch face. Google Maps Google offers some tentative first steps with its Apple Watch app, which isn’t nearly as impressive as Citymapper’s, but warrants inclusion because, well, it’s Google Maps. There are buttons for getting quick directions to your home and work, along with links to recent routes used in the iPhone app. Text-based journey directions can be browsed (although there are no maps – yet), and Force Touch gives you buttons for switching transport type. Currency There are plenty of currency conversion apps for Apple Watch, but Currency gets the nod because it’s fast, elegant and responsive. On your iPhone, you define currencies to track and the order in which they should appear. Changes are reflected almost immediately on your Apple Watch. You then tap a currency and type in an amount to convert, and the rates quickly update. The glance view speeds things up further, displaying your main currency and the next three in your list. All of these 3 apps are available on iTunes. And for more apps and games reviews for iOS devices as well as free online games for kids, you can visit this review online site right now. Source:

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