Hold in your hand 2 million you can still enjoy the holiday as rich kid?

Hold in your hand 2 million you can still enjoy the holiday as rich kid?

Hold in hand 2 million to spend two days to act like rich kid? You think can not?
You still want to have a vacation that meets all its requirements: not too far from Saigon, nor too close to the city. Not too noisy, but not too quiet. Not too expensive luxury, but not too inconvenient. Do not be too big but do not be too small. Do not be too modern, do not be classic. A place where you would like to cook yourself is also required. Do not be too expensive but do not be too cheap.

This is – a new resort suddenly appearing in Long Hai right on the summer and then lead people to ask each other: where is it? You are welcome to post photos of this place. Take a look at each picture, look at every corner to see if it is right. If yes, please take two million wallets and carry your suitcase. You will have the holiday and photo sets “as shown”.

Space “leaf lush, stone chen flower” on the entrance. The way to get the sunshine of the sea, blue endless clouds of sky but also the shade of natural shade of the leaves just green resort.

A unique sea-going snail swimming in the resort. If you happen to be on a flight somewhere you see the green snail saying “Wish you were here”, you are flying in the sky Long Hai.

This is the ideal place to create a Pool Party with friends. And, of course, indispensable tropical cocktails in the ultimate DJ music by the lake.

Colorful hammocks under the sun. Do you have any ideas for it yet? A light sleep with a book cover, white flowers ignore the hair or simply listen to the wind blowing waves on the shore?

Wooden chairs do not know the owner accidentally or intentionally that seems to be placed in the right place. Sometimes when the coconut, sometimes on the shore of the cliff, people across the same want to sit back …

“Where will we be?” Is probably the question you need to know most? Well, this two-sided home overlooking the sea is what you are expecting?

Or do you like another type of house, mysterious, quiet in the private garden as the house of “Sleeping Princess in the Forest”.

Or do you want to have a big enough house like this villa so that you can eat, sing?

More personalized, choose bungalows with their own unique properties.

Now let’s go down the private beach, enjoy yourself in the endless fun here.

That is the BBQ party sparkling lights. Not distinguish strange familiar.

Finally, can not wait you long. Take a look at the cute spider icon below, which is where we want to talk: Long Hai Beach Channel Resort. Please mark this point for the next vacation!

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