Just stir-fried morning glory but in Thailand again turned into a magic flying show this way

Just stir-fried morning glory but in Thailand again turned into a magic flying show this way

Throwing panicles over the road, taller than the roof of a car, was the first to be seen.

Lettuce with garlic is a familiar dish for Vietnamese people. Although this can not be said to be delicious seafood, but popular dishes are still popular because of its delicious taste. However, the popularity of garlic stir-fried garlic in Vietnam will not be able to match up with the “magic fly” miraculous in Thailand that only when you witnessed dare to believe. This is true.

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This spinach is called Flying KangKong, which is a specialty of Phitsanulok and the city of Pattaya (Thailand). Vegetable fried vegetable is also not very different because it is just spinach, garlic, monosodium glutamate, oyster sauce, spicy chili sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce … But the magic currant fly is new This makes the dish more attractive and attractive.

If you look carefully, you will find instead of stir-frying in the kitchens of the restaurant or restaurant, the marmalade flies are always processed right by the road, between busy traffic lanes and people. The cooking utensils are also very simple with a gas cooker, a pan and a shovel to stir vegetables.

At this time, the cook will wait for the oil to heat and then pour all the ingredients at the same time, causing the flames to flare and burn like a volcano erupting the road and the people. witnessed extremely excited.


However, in order to be able to finish the professional flywheat, the chef will also need to be the perfect coordinator for the magic show. Normally, the waitress will stand on the other side of the street, waiting for the chef to make the order.

So, it is also a vegetable stir fry but thanks to performances throwing vegetables to the other side of the road 4 to 5 meters away, even flying higher than the roof of cars, trucks, motorcycles accidentally running across so collected attracts a lot of attention and admiration of the visitors are witnessed. However, according to the chef’s share, it is important to remember that the water in the vegetable stir fry to the water does not fall down the road in the process of “flying”.

Especially, when witnessed this magic show, many people also wonder how long they have practiced to reach such a peak. Chef Chai said that in order to get the level of throwing and picking up the standard vegetables, he and his partner had to practice for 3 months and have a daily intake of 10kg of spinach.

Lots of great workout and performance, but the price of spinach was so soft that everyone was startled. For only 30 baht (about 21k) each plate of vegetables should have many visitors are willing to pay more to see this performance “magic fly” incredibly incredible many times again you offline.

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