Movie Review The Predator: cut off, cut off people!

Invisible Monsters (original title: The Predator) has returned to the big screen with his fourth movie after 31 years. Blood, action, violence, fire and explosion is what the film will be for the audience. However, if you want to enjoy the movie completely in theaters in Vietnam, think you have to reconsider.

This can be attributed to the reboot of the brand after 41 years and four separate films + two extras in conjunction with Alien (Alien vs. Predator 1, 2). The film revolves around an alien creature with aggressive and cosmic conquest. They travel all over the universe to find new planets and new creatures to conquer and see as a fun, entertaining hunt for them. Continuing the story of Predator 2010, the 2018 version of the Predator again returned to Earth, but the story that viewers are watching is not simply a new hunt for them.

The content of the film, although more developed in this bloodthirsty species but not enough to make a breakthrough. Khen Film also thought it would not reveal much about the content, otherwise you will have nothing to see when the theater. However, perhaps some longtime fans will feel uncomfortable, or difficult to adapt to the new version because the content is a bit ambitious to bring the brand name Predator revived in a new way. Say it all, do not worry too much, the film is easy to see, it is not too difficult to understand, you will be laughing pretty much with the soldiers in the movie.

The movie’s happening very fast, the plot is linked together and stretched from start to finish without giving you any rest at all. But invisible animals do not create stress as well as the crowd, causing the audience to be nervous to watch. Instead, alternating humor makes you laugh.

The characters of Invisible Monsters are almost nonexistent. Land is played for the extra characters and of course the main character will occupy more waves. However, the film does not like the character of McKenna played by Boyd Holbrook. It looks like a figure and a goddess, his face does not match his character. If you choose an actor who is more dense, cooler, more physically fit and a more experienced soldier, then McKenna’s character would have a better view in the audience.

The Predators in this section have also evolved, they are faster, smarter, even fun to play with the audience. This has made some fans happy, but there are also many fans who are upset about the many years that they have seen. The Predator’s shape is also very beautiful, especially the Ultimate Predator. Although “nude” from the beginning to the end, on the pants only one but you will still see the scary as well as the spirit that “he” out whenever appear. Predator Dog is extremely boring, thought it would also have a lot of heart, made me hold my breath to watch but … beyond the mysterious scene, the pit at first when they growl to make evil, shaping also Make the audience excited, the film found it little nothing.

The sound of the film must be said to be extremely critical, combined with gunfights, to say “very well”. From gunfire to explosive sounds, killings are loud and powerful. Shoot anything that sounds good.

Speaking of which, would you think that Invisible Monsters is a movie worth watching? Stop it a bit, that would be right if we were honored for every scene. With the cinema screen in Vietnam, then the tua? Again, the “miracle” again occurred with the genre of action movies, bloody horror, violence. Almost 80% of the bloodshed and violent scenes in the movie are cut. Although not paying attention to the timing as well as watching the end of the “run letter” to get the exact amount of time cut, but compared to the information on the website of cinema G the lack of film 2 minutes compared to the original is 107 minutes. To tell the truth is that the film was severely cut, only left a few bloody little scene so you do not curse face only.

Although label 18+, but many scenes are small or small are cut. Cut to the point that I do not know what is going on, the scene is constantly dancing and in mind always think “what the hell?”. Here, at 1 minute 25, the scene of the soldier shooting up has made you so excited, hopeful and expecting an extremely violent movie. But the cinema is cut straight! Ultimate Predator has just raised his hand, shooting through the scenes of other characters are shooting.

These are just some of the light scenes out there, but there are so many in the film that I can no longer count how many scenes are cut.

In short, the return of The Predator is a highly entertaining, violent, bloody action movie. You will be immersed in the sound of fire, explosions, or fast-paced action scenes. However, the film is not an excellent work, it is just entertainment, not much breakthrough and content is not much impressed. There will be fans who are satisfied with the movie, but there will also be fans who will not like it because of the new direction that filmmakers have drawn for the Predator universe. To feel the fullness of the movie, you should probably wait for the full version and buy / rent review for suppressive support.

Movies do not have after credit so you do not have to wait to run out of letters. But stay tuned until the word comes out, because The Predator will have a little surprise for you, someone will excite, enjoy, but some people will find it unnecessary and very uncomfortable.

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