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The elegant city of Graz has long been regarded as the embodiment of the vibrant Renaissance architecture in Europe. In this ancient city we find the harmony between the architectural style, the art flow inherited from the Middle Ages and the influence of cultural diversity from the surrounding.

Together with Vienna, Graz, with its ancient and beautiful Austrian artworks, is a popular destination. Each of the buildings, buildings here also carry cultural values, representing for each different historical period. For those who are passionate about architectural art, the ancient culture of Graz is a land of promise convergence of very personal charm. In 2003 Graz was voted Europe’s Capital of Culture and in 2009 it was honored as the City of Design.

The old town of Alstadt von Graz

The first impression of visitors arriving in the old town of Alstadt von Graz is that the medieval buildings in the Renaissance style are well preserved. The main Hauptplatz square and the City Hall of Rathaus have created a magnificent setting.

Especially if tourists come here on holidays – like Christmas – will find the festive atmosphere covering all over, from the shops to the sparkling lights to attract people down the street. On weekdays, you can take a walk on the street of Herrengasse, wading through the alleyways to look at each window decorated with different colors. It seems that every breeze blowing through this place brings with it a melodious sound, so it can be said that Alstadt von Graz is considered the heart of Graz.

Eggenberg Palace

Both the Eggenberg Palace and the city of Graz are recognized as world cultural heritages. The magnificent palazzo with its characteristic Baroque architecture is located on the western edge of the city of Graz.

Eggenberg is designed with extremely detailed calculations, exactly in each architectural number, every detail is related to the time based on the calendar. For example there are all 365 windows, 31 rooms in each floor, 24 state rooms with 52 doors and four corner towers, representing the time of seasons, weeks, hours, hours and minutes. Visitors can take a stroll through the gardens of the palace, surrounded by green lawns and gardens.


Besides the Schlossberg, this place is also known as the Castle of the Mountain, which is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Graz. Although the big works have been almost razed, the place still lavishes ancient architecture. From above, look down at the red brick courtyard in the middle of a sloping, glistening golden sunset.

The clock tower dates back to the 13th century and is considered to be the mark of this beautiful city. The most popular way to get here is to sip a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the roof terrace of the restaurant, while watching the sunset fall on Schlossberg’s orange roof tile.

Foundry weapons

We are about to be reborn in Austrian history at this foundry, with pieces of armor and various weapons stored and preserved almost intact. Legend has it that this arsenal is always ready to serve weapons, whenever the territory has military problems. Although these weapons are no longer used as artifacts, they can still make anyone who comes here have a keen sense of meticulousness.

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The powers of the Schengen visa may not be known Wed, 14 Nov 2018 02:53:30 +0000 Schengen visas are one of the most powerful visas in the world, allowing you to... more »

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Schengen visas are one of the most powerful visas in the world, allowing you to enter the 26 Schengen states and many other privileges.

The Schengen Agreement is a free travel treaty signed by several European countries. As of December 19, 2011, the total number of countries recognizing the treaty was 26, including Austria, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy. France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Schengen Visa includes 3 types: Single Entry, Double Entry and Multiple Entry. Basically, the card allows you to enter the Schengen area and is the most convenient visa if you intend to travel around Europe.

In addition to the 26 Schengen countries, you can enter other countries and do not have to apply for a visa such as the Principality of Monaco in France, San Marino and the Vatican located in Italy, Andorra is located between France and Spain.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, you are allowed to enter up to 30 days if you fly with the airline and pay online e-visa. Of course, your Schengen visa must be valid.

The Taiwanese government is prepared to exempt visas to the island even if your Schengen visa expires. In Korea, you are exempted from financial proof if you have had a Schengen visa in the last two years.

All Schengen visas are so powerful. However, if you own a Schengen Double Entry or Multiple Entry visa, your entitlement will be higher.

Typically, Albania, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia and Serbia allow you to enter a maximum of 90 days. With Romania, you only have this privilege when you have stamped your entry into a Schengen country before coming to this country.

Meanwhile, Montenegro and Belarus allow you to enter a maximum of 30 days. However, if you are a Vietnamese citizen, you do not need to mind too much. Belarus does not require you to apply for a visa to enter the country.

The two countries Sao Tome and Principe (a country in Central Africa), Bosnia and Herzegovina (a country in Southeastern Europe), Kosovo allow you to enter a maximum of 15 days.

However, to own this power visa, sometimes, you have to rely on luck. For example, at the time of application, my friend applied for a Schengen visa with Multiple Entry. Lastly, the visa grantee re-issued the Single Entry. On the other hand, I apply for a Schengen visa with a single entry, they are granted Multiple Entry.

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5 factors to help Morocco retain visitors Sat, 13 Oct 2018 02:17:07 +0000 Morocco, the land of the stories “Arabs 1 night” or “Desert and labyrinth of dreams”.... more »

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Morocco, the land of the stories “Arabs 1 night” or “Desert and labyrinth of dreams”. A place full of adventure that a tourist can not miss in November.

At that time, the heat in the deserts and sandy beaches of Morocco was reduced to just 32 degrees Celsius, which is the perfect time to sunbathe and explore the desert.

The houses featured the beautiful Riad and Medina

The rituals can be found in a tiny narrow alley that consists of small, compact houses. But when the door opens, it will be a completely opposite space – beautiful, beautiful and bluish. Each riad has an open space in the middle of the house is paved with colorful flowers with fountains, trees, … even have the terrace to sit in the afternoon tea sunset.

“Medina” is the word to call the surrounding walled market, winding like a labyrinth here. Even Google Maps and GPS have to offer turnovers here. Each region in Morocco has a unique Medina. For example: Medina in Chefchaouen is an eye-catching green maze, Medina in Marrakech is a gastronomic paradise that anyone want to set foot in.

Thousands of mysterious markets in Marrakech

The market square in Jemaa el-Fnaa Square in Marrakech has always kept mysterious new attractions to attract millions of visitors. Every night there is a drum sound, the sound of the song, the singing and dancing of many unknown troupes, dancers, circus performers, snake hypnotists, storytellers … The lively sound that mesmerizes only This square, vibrant setting and distinctive street food will make visitors feel like they are in fairy tales.

Sandy beach and starry sky in the Sahara

Sahara – the largest desert in the world, with dense sand dunes extending from the Atlantic Ocean east to the Red Sea coast, passing through 10 countries. The Sahara currently has only 2 million inhabitants, most of them nomadic, with typical Tuareg tribes with prominent blue outfits.

At this point, visitors will be distracted by the beauty of the sand hill and beautiful sky blue. The most fanciful is when at night, thousands of stars appear. Sitting on the moonlit sand dunes, eating traditional dishes such as Tagine, listening to stories and playing traditional drums will be an unforgettable experience. It is also considered one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in the world, especially as the sandy hills gradually change color in the sun.

The magnificent view of the Atlas Mountains is the highest in North Africa

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco range from the southwest to the northeast and are divided into three impressive sections, including the High Atlas with soaring mountains and colorful valley of roses; Middle Atlas with Fez and Anti Atlas with many volcanic plateaus. Visitors come here to explore the endangered flora and fauna, admire the verdant valleys and experience the nomadic life of the Berber-friendly and hospitable.

Mixed Moroccan Mint tea

This is a traditional Moroccan tea made from green tea, fresh mint leaves and sugar. If you come to Chefchaouen, guests are usually followed by three types of tea with their own taste and meaning. The first is as gentle as life, the second is as passionate as love and the third is bitter as death. If you refuse one of these three teas, you will be considered rude and rude. The fragrance and sweetness of Touareg specialties will make you remember forever Moroccan serenity but full of or.

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The unique cuisine of the Japanese Mon, 08 Oct 2018 08:25:50 +0000 From the noodles in the bamboo tube, fried leaves, to the black boiled eggs …... more »

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From the noodles in the bamboo tube, fried leaves, to the black boiled eggs … all these unique dishes will make you just want to explore the country right and always there!

Black eggs in Owakudani

Longevity eggs in Japan are not only known for their mysterious black color, but also for boiling. This dish is unique in the volcanic valley of Owakudani in Hakone. The reason is that geothermal and volcanic gas will penetrate the eggshell and will produce a black crust. One has to soak them at 80 degrees Celsius for an hour to create such strange colored eggs.

Japanese people think that eating a long-life egg will be added 7 years old, so a lot of visitors come here to buy. In addition to the color difference, the interior is similar to the chicken eggs commonly boiled. But by absorbing the natural minerals from the hot water tank, the amount of nutrients is higher than normal.

Fried bread leaves

Leaves are a symbol of autumn in every country, but utilizing them as a dish are likely to be Japanese. Here you will definitely enjoy Tempura Momiji, fried maple leaves. Not only the unique taste, different but how to prepare dishes is very picky.

They will pick the maple leaves, which have fallen in the high mountains. After harvesting, salt must be brewed for up to a year to get the delicious taste. The leaves are soft, lose the pungent smell, then dip through the powder to crispy. The finished product is crispy golden cake, crispy crust crust but when bite into the delicate sweet salty inside disseminated extremely attractive. This is a street food that many tourists welcome to Japan.

Natto – Soy fermented

Natto is a unique traditional Japanese food. Natto is made from unbroken, unbroken peanuts that are boiled and fermented at 40 ° C for 14-18 hours to turn brown beans, high viscosity, and characteristic odor. The quality of natto is evaluated over the length of the fiber. If you pick up a piece of chopsticks from the cup, the longer the fiber, the better the natto and the sweet.

Natto is a graft from Nat (filed) and To (beans), meaning “fermented soybeans.” Japanese eat natto with hot rice, soy sauce, dried seaweed and raw eggs.

Noodles Somen

Cold noodles are one of the long-standing noodles in the “sunrise country”. And you will be delighted to know that the Japanese have the Nagashi-somen culture very interesting. This is the type of noodles on the long bamboo tube. The water flowing from the tube will push the noodles away and the diners have to cut their eyes, quickly picking them up. People will come up with a bowl of noodles to dip noodles and enjoy.

This culture appears in the Tosenkyo mountains, where there are many streams, clear water and natural sweetness. Nowadays, this type of “floating” noodles can be varied in restaurants to accommodate foreign visitors.

Shirou no Odorigui

Shirouo is used to describe the small fish, the body is almost completely transparent. Shirouo fish are placed in a large bowl containing less water, then prepared with a raw egg and some vinegar.

When eating, customers beat eggs and mixed with a little vinegar and then drop fish. It is thought that vinegar makes the fish paralyzed and temporarily faint, but in fact, the fish encountered vinegar will be mercy and continuous “dancing” stronger than usual. In the meantime, diners took chopsticks and put them in their mouths. Perhaps, it is this that enhances the enjoyment of the person.

Shirouo fish is only available in the spring, so when the Japanese enjoy this dish is also signaled cold winter ended. In Japan, many Shirouo no Odorigui restaurants are open only during the Shirouo season. These restaurants seem to only exist as spring and will be dismantled at the end of the Shirouo season.

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Turn on the fun for those who do not know about Ecuador Fri, 05 Oct 2018 08:00:11 +0000 A country that sounds strange to many people, but Ecuador is an exciting destination and... more »

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A country that sounds strange to many people, but Ecuador is an exciting destination and full of new things. This South American country attracts from architecture, culture to the spiritual, mysterious.

The equatorial symbol is deviated from the real equator

One of the first things visitors do when traveling to Ecuador is to go to the Mitad del Mundo and set foot on either side of the yellow line separating the two halves of the earth.

However, the modern global positioning system (GPS) shows that the equator is actually about 240 meters north of the yellow line drawn up here. Asked about the differences, officials said that near the land the equator was passing through was a ravine and that the ground was not suitable for the construction of a monument. So, builders have to choose a different location.

Crispy fried snack is expensive

In the local dialects, guinea pigs are called cuy, before direct frying on the fire is usually cleaned, cut and flattened. This guinea-pig is not found in a restaurant in the capital, Quito, but can only be found in some country restaurants.

A crispy fried tenderloin is priced at $ 20 – $ 25. Taste of mice after processing finished with the smell of wild meat, often served with potatoes and corn seeds. This is an interesting and valuable wedding gift in the countryside.

Roses in Ecuador are cheaply priced

Very few people know that Ecuador is a country with a very developed rose industry. The roses are very beautiful and have extremely cheap prices. You only have to spend about $ 2.5 for a bunch of pinky 25 stems. If purchased directly in the greenhouse, the price is even cheaper. Ecuador rose to third place behind oil and bananas.

Panama cones originate in Ecuador

This traditional hat comes from Manabi, the west coast of Ecuador, the home of Eloy Alfaro, the president of Ecuador from 1842 to 1912, who created a hat made from toquilla leaves, a rare reed. grow well in this country.

They are exported to Panama and become the ideal sun shade because the weather is very hot here. American workers and engineers were building the Panama Canal using this hat a lot. In 1904, President Roosevelt photographed while wearing a hat and inspecting the canal. After this incident, the traditional hat of Ecuador became popular with the name “Panama”.

Today, panama hats are a favorite accessory all over the world, can be combined with many types of costumes and is especially used in the summer, when traveling.

One of the most volcanic countries in the world

The country is located in the Ring of Fire region, where often occur the phenomenon of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Just south of Quito are two parallel mountain peaks in the Andes Mountains, stretching from north to south in Ecuador. It is also known as the “volcanic highway”.

Mount Tungurahua, also south of Quito, is one of the most active volcanoes in the world for several years. In the local dialect, the name of the mountain means “fire lighter”, usually erupted from 1999 and most recently in April 2014.

Ecuadorian children were beaten with nettle

Ecuadorans often pay for children to be beaten with goats. It sounds weird, but it is not considered child abuse but a traditional one. Ecuadorans believe that the nettle can purify the hearts of children.

They have to strip off their clothes and be shattered by the nettle to dispel negative energy. Then, they continued to be beaten with a herd of herbs including mint, bay leaf, to relieve the pain. The last step of therapy is to rub the body with rose petals.

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10 interesting things about Senegal Tue, 02 Oct 2018 04:42:06 +0000 Not only the team beat Poland, Senegal also surprised visitors from the tail taxi to... more »

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Not only the team beat Poland, Senegal also surprised visitors from the tail taxi to the lake giant pink.

Pink Lake: The light pink of Lac Rose Lake is a natural phenomenon due to the unusually high salt content in water, attracting a harmless bacterium. These little creatures produce red pigment to absorb the sun.

Taxis have the tail: Senegalese drivers believe that the goat tail will bring them luck when they are attached behind the car. Gavin Haines, a Telegraph reporter, said many of them, in fact, need a lot of luck with their skilful driving.

Shell Island: As one of the countries with the most recycling projects in the world, Senegalese people have created a peach called Fadiouth, made from millions of shellfish, shells … with about 8,000 people live.

SINGAPORE: Senegal is one of eleven African nations involved in the Great Green Wall project – the green version of the Great Wall of China. This tree helps African people protect themselves from desertification when they are affected by the Sahara, helping to improve the agricultural sector, boosting the economy.

Sea lambs: Once set in the movie The Endless Summer, Senegal is one of the most beautiful beaches for surfing. Even the sheep are surfing – but only on a weekly basis, according to the New York Times. If you come to the capital Dakar on Sunday, you will see farmers leading sheep to the coast to perform ritual cleansing. They will be bathed cleanly, nail polish and swimming delighted with the waves before returning to ordinary pasture.

Senegal’s dark past has been the center of the slave trade. Today, visitors can explore the history of this dark period on the House of Slaves on Goree, just off the coast. the capital of Dakar. “It was a place where things could not happen.” Door of No Return was particularly difficult to visit, facing the sea, where tens of thousands of slaves were brought up. The ships leave Africa without a date, “recalls Gavin. Senegal is one of the safest countries in Africa, although its neighbors Mali and Mauritania are always destinations where the foreign ministry warns citizens to be cautious when traveling.

Special capital: Dakar is the westernmost point on the mainland of Africa, which means that the capital is the last of continents to welcome sunrise and sunset. Photo: Skillzography.

Africa’s tallest statue At an altitude of 49 meters between Dakar, the African Renaissance is the tallest statue in the continent. Although this is the design of a Senegalese architect, the bronze statue was constructed by a Korean construction company, according to the Telegraph.

World Heritage Senegal owns seven world heritage sites, including Goree Island, the Saloum Delta, Bassari Country, Saint-Louis Island, Stone Circles of Senegambia, Djoudj Bird Sanctuary and Gardens. National Niokolo-Koba (photo).

Niokolo-Koba National Park is also the best place to visit Senegal’s lions – the national symbol. In fact, the Senegal lion almost completely disappeared from this West African country, many conservation efforts are being undertaken to increase the number.

West African women’s Sabar dance is the traditional dance of Senegalese women with sexy movements and good physical fitness. Footsteps, swinging hands to beat the drum rhythm so viewers can not take their eyes off.

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Forza Horizon is a sequence that has continually controlled to deftly balance… Thu, 27 Sep 2018 09:48:32 +0000 Forza Horizon is a sequence that has continually controlled to deftly balance accessibility and complexity.... more »

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Forza Horizon is a sequence that has continually controlled to deftly balance accessibility and complexity. It takes the practical using mechanics of Forza Motorsport however ditches the intimidating nature of expert racing and ruthless opposition.

rather, it makes use of vibrant locations and high quality vibes to enlarge and have fun the fun of driving–the giddiness of velocity, the awe of colourful surroundings, and the spectacle of vivid automobiles. Forza Horizon 4 upholds this culture. significant adjustments upload interesting gameplay concerns and enhance development drift, on top of its already accommodating issue alternatives, a smorgasbord of motors, and a stunning open world overflowing with activities. With Horizon 4, Playground video games keeps to excel at making the act of digital using exciting, approachable, and exciting without sacrificing complexity.

Horizon’s fourth open-international locale is a model of first-rate Britain that amalgamates and condenses iconic regions of england, Scotland, and Wales, providing some superb terrain to discover. The rolling hills of the English nation-state make pass-u . s . a . using extra thrilling, the Scottish Highlands offer breathtaking toll road routes, and the metropolis of Edinburgh’s windy, hilly streets function an exciting vicinity for avenue races.

however the largest alternate to Horizon is the advent of seasons. Horizon’s Britain cycles among summer time, autumn, winter, and spring–and the weather in every season impacts the sector in tangible ways. those range from the plain, like bodies of water freezing over, to the close to-imperceptible, like the change in temperature affecting your tires. however seasons certainly require you to evolve both your technique and your automobile, and this range produces a completely unique dynamic–the identical dust route you force in summer season might be boggy after an autumn rain, and asphalt roads will get slicker for the duration of the winter snow. inside the first few hours of Horizon four, the seasons will exchange after you’ve got completed a number of activities, and this short cycle famous how necessary it’s far to recall and regulate your using. however once you whole an entire cycle, the implementation of seasons changes: they will then be tied to a web server, synchronized for all players, and will rotate each seven days.

on line capability has a larger emphasis in Horizon 4–whilst gambling solo, the game will discreetly connect you into an internet consultation with up to seventy two other players. you can also shape a convoy of as much as 12 human beings, in addition to compete in ranked or unranked group adventures for seasonal prizes. it is nonetheless clean to focus on playing solo at your very own tempo, and you may nonetheless go offline absolutely and drive towards AI. but Horizon four’s multiplied on-line capability does provide worthwhile activities to encourage you to connect with other humans. Head-to-head races are extra exciting towards real humans, and the weekly change in weather comes with a ramification of restricted-time, season-unique races and championships in addition to venture missions.

Horizon also functions habitual “#Forzathon live” public occasions, which puts the decision out to gamers in a session to gather collectively and cooperate to hit a blended rating pool in a positive activity. you may earn forex to spend in an distinct Forzathon shop in case you’re a success, but these activities come to be tedious speedy, as you may be jogging the equal pastime–like a unmarried waft region or hazard jump–time and again until the organization hits the rating goal.

however the ignored possibility of Forzathon live activities is just a tiny scuff in Horizon’s in any other case comprehensive and welcoming gamut of sports. regardless of online seasonal activities, there are a massive number of vehicular disciplines to pursue, most people of which permit you the super flexibility of shaping a race round your automobile of desire–though you may nevertheless need to apply your pleasant cars to perform nicely in things like pace and glide challenges. you’re additionally now capable of create your personal custom courses, and the series’ extra innovative hobbies return with tale missions–which feature such things as stunt riding and exceptional homages to different racing games–and the pleasing, if incredibly choreographed, show off races against such things as planes, trains, and Halo’s Warthogs.


development has changed from Forza Horizon 3–you no longer enlarge multiple pageant websites to discover activities. alternatively, every field has its very own corresponding progression meter. participating in a selected form of pastime sufficient times, win or lose, will eventually stage up that subject, praise you, and free up extra sports of that type on the map. it’s an thrilling and pleasant system that stretches you out to the furthest reaches of the world quick, makes it experience like some thing new and interesting to do is continually close by, and rewards you irrespective of what you make a decision to participate in and the way you perform. Even after hours and hours of play, Horizon four stored revealing surprises with the aid of introducing emblem-new styles of activities, keeping the sport’s go with the flow feeling sparkling.

It constantly feels like there is a praise in reach, too. With each man or woman meters for disciplines and an overall progression meter, you are regularly only a couple greater races away from earning a stage-up prize. The slot device-style wheelspins additionally return, now with a variation that lets you pull for 3 prizes, and thankfully they nevertheless stay siloed from any actual-world financial transactions. Horizon four has a larger type of ability rewards, too. the larger attention on on-line interactions way driver customization is a massive deal, which throws hundreds of unisex clothing options, quick chat phrases, and dance emotes into the pool. this means you might every so often get a monotonous prize like a couple of shoes, however the tempo of repayment is constant enough to make this negligible and additionally makes the uncommon event of nabbing a unfastened vehicle all of the extra gratifying.

Horizon 4 boasts 100 extra vehicles over its predecessor, with a complete of 450 inside the base sport. even as japanese automobile fans will truly word the absence of Mitsubishi and Toyota cars (no extra initial D Sprinter), Volkswagen has held over from Motorsport 7 (bringing conventional Beetles, Kombis, and Golfs), as have some new cars like racing vehicles. over again, Horizon functions an array of tinkering alternatives for lovers, as well as auto-upgrade options and some of accommodating using assists for folks that’d rather best reflect onconsideration on accelerating and turning.

regardless of the way you pressure, cars experience weighty, take care of believably, and every one now has its own individual perk tree. incomes ability factors even as performing both reckless and prudent riding maneuvers will will let you unencumber nodes that add buffs on your talent factor accumulation, or earn one-off rewards like wheelspins or affect (the sport’s enjoy degree). it’s a fantastic change from Horizons 3’s global ability tree, because it encourages you to stick with a vehicle, get to comprehend it in detail, and feature the benefit of a better rate of reward. ability factors come readily in case you’re driving at the least quite effectively, and you are loose to use factors you earn on any automobile, which makes swapping your move-to automobile less of a blow in your progression in case you’ve already banked some greater factors.


Horizon’s international perks have been transferred to any other new function, homes, which update competition sites as your storage and customization hubs. finding and buying residences around the map is pretty luxurious, however the perks a few comprise are beneficial, and properties all act as valuable speedy journey factors. fast travel nonetheless fees you in-recreation forex, at least till you find and smash all 50 speedy-journey forums, however Horizon 4 does make other very welcome upgrades within the hobby of accessibility and quality of lifestyles, which includes the potential to change vehicles without cost and at any time.

there may be any such various range of sports filled into every nook of Horizon 4, and significant modifications contribute to smart using dynamics and a more consistent feel of achievement. the whole lot you do in Horizon feels precious, irrespective of how huge or small–from the basic thrills of rushing a fast vehicle down a splendid mountain toll road to spending time tinkering along with your favourite journey to manage seasonal road situations to just striking out with friends and strangers online and goofing off in pleasant games. The allure of the Horizon series is as palpable as ever, a winning, all-inclusive recipe that celebrates the pleasure of using specifically else.

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The most interesting thing about Thunder Nation, Bhutan Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:50:00 +0000 Bhutan is a small country hidden behind the majestic Himalayas, the most blessed country in... more »

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Bhutan is a small country hidden behind the majestic Himalayas, the most blessed country in Asia. With its mysterious beauty and tranquility, Bhutan attracts tourists from all over the world. Are you sure you know all about Bhutan, please explore the interesting facts about this country?

1. Prosperity is measured by the happiness index

It sounds weird, while all other countries in the world have taken GDP as the measure of economic strength and development of the country, Bhutan is the only place to measure the prosperity of the country. By Gross National Happiness Index (GNH). For the Bhutanese, money can not be as important as happiness, spiritual value to them is the most sustainable.

2. Bhutan’s capital Thimphu is the only place in the world without traffic lights

Thimphu is the only capital in the world that does not use traffic lights, even if the city has thousands of cars. In the capital of Bhutan, traffic vehicles are still controlled by police in colorful stands such as the shrine and the only gas station in Thimphu that looks like a temple.

3. Thunder Country

Bhutanese people often refer to their country as “Thunder Country,” because Bhutan always suffers from severe storms and severe thunderstorms.

4. The happiest country in Asia

Bhutanese people are not really rich, the economy here is not developed but this is considered as the happiest country in Asia and the happiness index ranked 8th in the world. The lush, peaceful scenery, unique cultural life and ethnic self-esteem are factors that help the people of Bhutan to feel comfortable with their present lives.

5. The people of Bhutan are superstitious

Although Buddhism is the religion of Bhutan, the people here are usually superstitious. Most of the houses have carved or painted the penis on the beams to prevent demons from entering the house.

6. The dress code is worn everyday in Bhutan

Bhutanese people wear national costumes to prove their loyalty and respect for the country. Therefore, when working or to the sanctuary, the national costumes are indispensable. In Bhutan, the men’s national dress is Gho and the female is Kira.

7. The birth of Bhutan is a crime

Because this country is Buddhist, it does not accept the killing of animals, however, Bhutanese can still eat meat imported from other countries. Most are in India.

8. Is the only country with negative carbon emissions

Bhutan is the only country to absorb more CO2 than it generates when 70% of its forest coverage is the only country in the world with the highest export turnover (renewable energy). ).

9. And the rules are wonderful

Bhutan is the only country in the world that prohibits the production and importation of tobacco, Bhutan is free in education and health, children go to school free of charge but also get books and clothes. For environmental protection, the Bhutanese government has used bags instead of plastic bags since 1999.

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Movie Review The Predator: cut off, cut off people! Fri, 14 Sep 2018 09:03:26 +0000 Invisible Monsters (original title: The Predator) has returned to the big screen with his fourth... more »

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Invisible Monsters (original title: The Predator) has returned to the big screen with his fourth movie after 31 years. Blood, action, violence, fire and explosion is what the film will be for the audience. However, if you want to enjoy the movie completely in theaters in Vietnam, think you have to reconsider.

This can be attributed to the reboot of the brand after 41 years and four separate films + two extras in conjunction with Alien (Alien vs. Predator 1, 2). The film revolves around an alien creature with aggressive and cosmic conquest. They travel all over the universe to find new planets and new creatures to conquer and see as a fun, entertaining hunt for them. Continuing the story of Predator 2010, the 2018 version of the Predator again returned to Earth, but the story that viewers are watching is not simply a new hunt for them.

The content of the film, although more developed in this bloodthirsty species but not enough to make a breakthrough. Khen Film also thought it would not reveal much about the content, otherwise you will have nothing to see when the theater. However, perhaps some longtime fans will feel uncomfortable, or difficult to adapt to the new version because the content is a bit ambitious to bring the brand name Predator revived in a new way. Say it all, do not worry too much, the film is easy to see, it is not too difficult to understand, you will be laughing pretty much with the soldiers in the movie.

The movie’s happening very fast, the plot is linked together and stretched from start to finish without giving you any rest at all. But invisible animals do not create stress as well as the crowd, causing the audience to be nervous to watch. Instead, alternating humor makes you laugh.

The characters of Invisible Monsters are almost nonexistent. Land is played for the extra characters and of course the main character will occupy more waves. However, the film does not like the character of McKenna played by Boyd Holbrook. It looks like a figure and a goddess, his face does not match his character. If you choose an actor who is more dense, cooler, more physically fit and a more experienced soldier, then McKenna’s character would have a better view in the audience.

The Predators in this section have also evolved, they are faster, smarter, even fun to play with the audience. This has made some fans happy, but there are also many fans who are upset about the many years that they have seen. The Predator’s shape is also very beautiful, especially the Ultimate Predator. Although “nude” from the beginning to the end, on the pants only one but you will still see the scary as well as the spirit that “he” out whenever appear. Predator Dog is extremely boring, thought it would also have a lot of heart, made me hold my breath to watch but … beyond the mysterious scene, the pit at first when they growl to make evil, shaping also Make the audience excited, the film found it little nothing.

The sound of the film must be said to be extremely critical, combined with gunfights, to say “very well”. From gunfire to explosive sounds, killings are loud and powerful. Shoot anything that sounds good.

Speaking of which, would you think that Invisible Monsters is a movie worth watching? Stop it a bit, that would be right if we were honored for every scene. With the cinema screen in Vietnam, then the tua? Again, the “miracle” again occurred with the genre of action movies, bloody horror, violence. Almost 80% of the bloodshed and violent scenes in the movie are cut. Although not paying attention to the timing as well as watching the end of the “run letter” to get the exact amount of time cut, but compared to the information on the website of cinema G the lack of film 2 minutes compared to the original is 107 minutes. To tell the truth is that the film was severely cut, only left a few bloody little scene so you do not curse face only.

Although label 18+, but many scenes are small or small are cut. Cut to the point that I do not know what is going on, the scene is constantly dancing and in mind always think “what the hell?”. Here, at 1 minute 25, the scene of the soldier shooting up has made you so excited, hopeful and expecting an extremely violent movie. But the cinema is cut straight! Ultimate Predator has just raised his hand, shooting through the scenes of other characters are shooting.

These are just some of the light scenes out there, but there are so many in the film that I can no longer count how many scenes are cut.

In short, the return of The Predator is a highly entertaining, violent, bloody action movie. You will be immersed in the sound of fire, explosions, or fast-paced action scenes. However, the film is not an excellent work, it is just entertainment, not much breakthrough and content is not much impressed. There will be fans who are satisfied with the movie, but there will also be fans who will not like it because of the new direction that filmmakers have drawn for the Predator universe. To feel the fullness of the movie, you should probably wait for the full version and buy / rent review for suppressive support.

Movies do not have after credit so you do not have to wait to run out of letters. But stay tuned until the word comes out, because The Predator will have a little surprise for you, someone will excite, enjoy, but some people will find it unnecessary and very uncomfortable.

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The film about saving the Thai children’s team is a gamble for Hollywood? Thu, 12 Jul 2018 02:37:53 +0000 2015 film The 33 (titled Vietnam: 33 Miners) , directed by Patricia Riggen, recall the journey of survival... more »

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2015 film The 33 (titled Vietnam: 33 Miners) , directed by Patricia Riggen, recall the journey of survival and rescue of 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine in Chile in 2010. Real Despite the efforts of the crew to recapture the air of choking (both literally and figuratively) of attempting to bring 33 miners to the surface, The 33 stops at the event’s narrative.

On August 5, 2010, the tunnel leading to the copper and gold mines in northern Chile collapsed, burying 33 miners under 700m. Two weeks later, the reconnaissance drills failed to produce any results, all hope dissipated by the relatives on the ground. But on Aug. 22, the miracle happened when a drill found its way down to trapped miners. They are still alive, despite the lack of water, oxygen and food. In the next two months, efforts were made to bring the survivors back.

Why say the film about the rescue of the Thai team is a gamble Hollywood?  - Photo 2.

What prevented The 33 from being a hit was a lack of detail and weight. The film crew’s superficiality from the preparation of material to the work was clearly visible, so there was not enough material to build a panoramic view of the rescue . Because it is not well prepared, can not be asked Patricia Riggen director to find a unique perspective different from the article that many people can read easily.

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fantastic beasts megashare9

Why say the film about the rescue of the Thai team is a gamble Hollywood?  - Photo 3.

The thing that cinema can take advantage of compared to reading newspapers is the visual impression, the The 33 also has nothing special.

The 33’s lesson should be applied by Pure Filmmakers. The producers Michael Scott and Adam Smith are fast-paced Hollywood names who have the rights to transfer the Thai team’s rescue to the screen.

Why say the film about the rescue of the Thai team is a gamble Hollywood?  - Photo 4.

The miraculous survivors of the Thai team members have many similarities with the Chilean tsunami.

After nine days of survival in a submerged cave, similar to the Chilean miners, a member of the “Wild Pig” was found and brought out safely. An adaptation project is almost certain, as early as the first news of the accident was announced, people knew that sooner or later someone would do this. But looking back, the film has a lot of problems.

Why say the film about the rescue of the Thai team is a gamble Hollywood?  - Photo 5.

The film project on the rescue is not “delicious food” as many people think

Firstly, Thai government officials are very strict in controlling information related to the rescue operation. Due to the lack of accurate and accurate sources, based on interviews with people at the scene, it is difficult for Michael Scott to collect enough film material with a small team of independent companies. . There are a lot of issues that need to be re-created, such as space, space, darkness, hunger and thirst for characters that they can not relate to in interviews. In addition, Pure Flix will have to work very closely with geological experts, rescuers, people directly involved in the rescue for professional issues.

Little financial power is also a major barrier for the Pure Flix project to unravel the scale of the rescue process as well as the details of the plan to put 13 people in the cave. out. Speaking as a member of the 30-year national rescue team, this is an unprecedented rescue. A film-making company with the highest grossing film sales of $ 70 million can do little to replicate this complexity, let alone create more dramatic.

Why say the film about the rescue of the Thai team is a gamble Hollywood?  - Photo 6.

Fast-acting producers Adam Smith and Michael Scott

If Thai teenagers are the reluctant actors of the rescue, then Michael Scott and Adam Smith must be the seekers of 13 excellent faces to be able to express complex emotions. Such as fear, panic, sympathy … in the dark cave. It’s an extremely difficult task, because even if there is a good cast in the hand that does not balance, the film is easy to fall into the circuit without a prominent character to remember the audience name. . Finally, we talk about the death of former SEAL Special Agent Saman Kunan during the rescue of the children. Saman Kunan died due to lack of oxygen at a distance of 1.6 km. If not done, his contribution and sacrifice will not be gratefully rendered on the screen.

Whether they want to or not, Hollywood has embarked on the rebuilding of the spectacular rescue in Thailand. What we know today, and most importantly, is that all members of the team including the coaches have been rescued from the cave safely.

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