Startled by the legendary “7 Dragon Pearls” in the hot pot in the heart of Hanoi

Startled by the legendary “7 Dragon Pearls” in the hot pot in the heart of Hanoi

You are not mistaken, it is true! 7 legendary jade dragon came out from the comic became the hot pot cause storm community online!
The taste of fresh tamarind sauce always makes the customers respected for their unique and unconventional creations, but always delicate and meticulous in every dish. Recently, the Japanese restaurant chain DARUMA in Hanoi posted on fanpage images of dragon pearls in a neat pot, causing a lot of curiosity for customers.

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This is not the first time that dragon balls have become food, but it has never been officially seen and received by customers. The restaurant, said 7 unique dragon pearl hotpot inspired by the famous Japanese manga of the same name. To create it still requires American beef, vegetables, mushrooms, and what makes the difference is the jade dragon. At first glance, everyone will be surprised that the hot pot of fancy has just been exposed, because the gems are “trained” too real. In essence, collagen is completely natural to have beauty effects, bring freshness from the inside, and the other stars are cleverly sculpted from carrots.

Now you are ready to discover the taste of this unique pot? Do not rush, because eating the gems is not the way to enjoy the Dragon Ball. As hot pot, the most important ingredient to mention is hot pot, and DARUMA continues to take customers to another surprise when using hot pot water to melt the dragon balls.

Who is the fan of the hot sweet pot will naturally more love this dish. Calcium soup is made from chicken broth and egg shell with calcium, health supplements and especially good for women and children. This is also the answer to the question why the hot pot is so white milk. When boiling, hot water melon with collagen melted from the “dragon” eat very good cough.


In order to taste each of these gems and summon the Dragon Spirit, diners will only have to spend 59,000 VND when used together with hotpot buffet. Especially, from now until the end of May, offer one pot of Dragon Ball hot pot for group of 4 guests will surely be a reason for you to gather jubilantly at DARUMA, discover this unique unique pot. !


It is known that the hotpot of 7 dragon balls have been introduced through the menu Sakura – Sakura cherry menu, including the sushi combo, sashimi fresh and delicious, another reason for customers not to miss the opportunity. Taste the essence of Japanese cuisine with many attractive incentives.

A little creativity but enough to make a big difference, in terms of form and quality, is how the Dragon Ball hot pot conquered the customers among the thousands of hot pots out there, and also the way Japanese cuisine developed. everyday. Do not hesitate any more, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the unique pot but also good for this health!

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