White cheesecake just touch the light is out to make everyone enjoy

White cheesecake just touch the light is out to make everyone enjoy

Unlike other cheeses, Burrata offers a fresh and fatty flavor for the dishes from Italy.
If you are a fan of fatty cheese from Italy, you will not be unaware of Burrata, the cheese that is considered the best of the cuisine of this country. Burrata cheese is not sophisticated, complicated in the way of brewing, processing as the “other relatives” so that it attracts diners fresh, delicate in every taste.

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The Burrata cheese is round, compact in the palm of her hand. In Italian, this dish also means “butter”, the composition of the white cheese is made from fresh milk, mozzarella and cream. Today, cow’s milk is more commonly used. Thanks to that, the dish is rich in aroma and soft texture, like butter.

Each cheese will have a thin but supple shell that covers the liquid part of the milk and cream. Mozzarella is coagulated to make a smooth layer and soaked in warm water. After that, the workers will use their hands to manipulate them to form the cake and the kernel. Folding the head back and knotting a small knot, it finished a delicious burrata.

A mixture of curd and fresh cream is what makes this dish unique. Not as fat, as salty as other types of cheese, Burrata is prone to freshness, sweetness and creamy flavor.

It has been suggested that Burrata bland can be combined with many dishes, but this flavor is a highlight of every appetizer in Italian cuisine. From simple salad dishes to more sophisticated dishes such as pasta, pasta, pizza … this type of cheese all use.

When you eat just cut the thin shell, then cream milk together with melt melted it is attractive. If mixed with the salad, vegetables, the dish will be as flavored, but when accompanied with the plate of fresh noodles will diffuse in each noodles. Or, you can eat with pizza, then the cake is just fragrant easy to eat and slightly sweet, slightly fat stimulates the taste.

Italians use Burrata very popular in their cuisine because this dish is not as easy to eat as other cheese dishes but also makes the meal more attractive. You can see their appearance in breakfasts with toast, bacon, fresh tomatoes, olive oil or sometimes just sprinkle a little pepper on can enjoy the right. Especially, their shelf life in only 1-2 days, so you will always enjoy the freshest taste.

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